LYF comes to Palm Beach County

Lyf sells natural supplements and weight management products and has recently moved to West Palm Beach.  Lyf relocated to the Palm Beach County area from Washington D.C.  They will be decreasing the unemplyment rate by bringing 91 jobs and helping the unemployment rate.  The announcement of Lyf’s arrival is big deal as it is one of many new companies relocating there lately.  Lyf has already moved their administrative offices and will be moving their manufacturing facility soon too.

LYF, Inc. — pronounced “Life” — is a leader in launching breakthrough health and wellness products. The company combines advanced science and innovation to launch new products that reflect the firm’s core values of Lifestyle, Luxury, and Well-Being. The company was founded on the belief that a lifestyle of luxury and wellness should be available to all. LYF seeks to revolutionize how to promote healthy lifestyles globally.



West Palm Beach officials welcomed Lyf, a company that is relocating from Washington D.C. to West Palm Beach, eventually bringing 91 jobs. The announcement is part of flurry of new business activity in Palm Beach County lately.

Palm Beach county’s good fortunate seems to be a current trend.  Several CEO’s that live in Palm Beach County have decided to make their life less hectic by relocating their offices.  Flying to the northeast regularly becomes overwhelming and ineffective.  So the push to get more companies to move has become so much easier.  South Florida is the home to several CEO’s and CFO’s.   It’s easier to convince these business owners and executive managers to move their business south since many of them ave already moved their families there.  Hopefully this boom in business will continue.