An App called Last Night…?

An App called Last Night…?

Have you heard about an app called Last Night…?

This is a generation of smart phone, tech savvy, app users.  Those who have smart phones have probably already downloaded apps at least once even if  it was just out of curiosity.  I personally have tons of apps.  I always check the weather before I go out.  It’s part of my prep work before I leave the house.  Who has the patience to wait for the weather channel to finish playing commercials to show my city to tell me the weather for my neighborhood?  We are living in the age of instant gratification!  Weather app!  If I am on a long commute and I need to figure out what to eat, I can find a restaurant or recipe in a jiffy!  Who needs a cookbook or McDonald’s, unless I want it.  My options are limitless and quick.   My ADD doesn’t even kick in anymore.  It doesn’t have a chance to because I have more apps than my phone answering, email sending, texting, tv watching, Shake & Spell in 3D playing, self can keep up with.  So I actually appear highly focused these days.


There is a new app however, that I worry invades my privacy a bit too much!  Last night…?  is an app that tracks everywhere you go so the following morning you can look back and see where you were.  GPS shows me how to get where I want to go.  It can even tell others my current location if used properly.  This is different though!  It doesn’t just say I went to this address or where I am presently.  It silently records my location, my route to my next destination, how long it took me to get there and how long I stayed.  It records all of this as I comfortably go about my daily routine and lets me use the phone as I normally would.  When I am ready I can open the app and analyze the data.

This may be a great app if I am going on that first date with a person I met online and am worried he will slip me a “mickey” and take advantage of me.  If I were to get drunk and lose my memory I can open the app and see my whereabouts from that night!  It is also a wonderful app to trap your cheating girlfriend or track your child’s activities.  This app can be  AMAZING in the search for missing people.  How wonderful would it be if a missing woman used this on her phone.  If when they found her phone it would be able to show exactly what her whereabouts were before she went missing.  It would give the precise location of everywhere she visited right down to the place where she sat.  How helpful would that be to the authorities?

Note:  In order for this app to record, you must remember to turn on the app the night before. If you are using this on someone else’s phone you have to be certain that you will have access to it the following day.

With that said, for the very cautious parent, the paranoid employer, the jealous mate, or avid runner this app is well worth the $1.99 that it costs.  For the majority of the world, I am not so sure it’s necessary.  Then again, my dad always says you cannot predict an emergency, you can only wish you prepared for it.  So you tell me.  Take our poll and let us know what you think of Last night…?

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