Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando

Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando?


When it comes to choosing between Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando, any 10 year old might find this choice overwhelming. But the truth is that it doesn’t provide much comfort for a 30 plus parent either. Budgeting the family vacation alone can present a challenge for the best of us. Not to mention making travel arrangements, accommodations, choosing a meal plan and the best time of year to go. And aside from that, how do you know which park is going to make you the greatest parent ever for delivering such an epic vacation. There are so many options to consider.

Luckily for you someone’s already done the heavy lifting and now all you have to do kick your feet up and kick back. Just peruse through the pages and select the right experience for your family. Just Click Here! and follow the link. This guide will make light work of deciding whether it’ll be a Marvel-ous experience or a walk down Diagon Alley.