GenX J’ouvert i2Bad Antz

GenX J’ouvert i2Bad Antz

South Florida based Caribbean Mas Camp for 2016 Miami Broward Carnival. Register today at


Miami J’ouvert  Saturday October 8, 2016 7am – 2pm
Paint, Mud, Water, Oil, Drinks, Music all we are missing is YOU!!

Party with Bad Antz

  • We will post the distribution schedule on this web site two weeks before Carnival. Pick-up will be at our Mas Camp.
  • Price is per person and includes – Registration, T-Shirt, Paint, Powder, Drinks, Breakfast and more!
  • All registrations are Non-Refundable
  • If you have any issues and need HELP with your registration, please call 727-31-i2BAD or email

Source: J’ouvert