Answer The Call! Noob!




Answer The Call!  Noob!


Okay, this is mainly for all of you undercover geeks.  I understand how easy it is to get  caught up in multi-level graphics, in depth story lines, and exhilarating actions sequences, combined with realtime P2P communication with individuals you’ll never meet in person, but are willing to go to war with and die for, figuratively speaking of course.  But I guess those are all of the things that have made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the best selling first-person actions series of all-time.   So it’s no surprise that the release of this epic sequel is probably one of the biggest events of the season next to Thanksgiving.  But I digress, for I bring good tidings.  It has come to my knowledge that the Ocoee Best Buy will be hosting a special release event beginning at 8pm tonight leading up to the midnight release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  The good news is that a few lucky early birds will have the opportunity to play the game before its scheduled release.  Artis Woodard, General Manager of the Ocoee store, has informed us that he’s lined 3 XBoxes, Peer 2 Peer Networks, and of course big screen TVs for the game’s release, but no online connectivity, sorry.  However, they will be a store hosted competition, giveaways, and opportunities to test drive the host of accessories that have been released to elevate your interactive experience.  My advice…get there early.  I’m sure the freebies will disappear fast.  Maybe I’ll see you there, if you’re not scared to accept the challenge.



9537 West Colonial Drive  Ocoee, FL 34761

(407) 822-8919