I dont know about you but I fell in love with comedy as a child.  If your parents cooked corn meal porridge every single day as mine did, you would have had a need for laughter too.  As my parents were on a quest for the American dream, we all had to make some sacrifices.  So as a kid, my friends and I would sit on the porch cracking jokes. I remember hearing my first “Yo mama” joke.  I laughed so hard I fell off the chair. As I got older my love for comedy grew. Do you remember Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live? I love Chris Rock and George Lopez too and Tina Fey is hysterical.  A few years ago I was obsessed with Dave Chapelle’s television show, but then he took some time off and for a moment there,  it felt like comedy too.  Every now and again I could get a bit of comic relief if I caught a good show at the Orlando Improv but no one gave me that childhood, fall all over your friend, laugh so hard your stomach hurts laugh…until now!

I went to see Tight Mike for his all white 10th anniversary special. I had no expectation of how the night would turn out.  It was just a night out.  For all I knew, people watching was going to be the only enjoyment of the evening. Then the lights dimmed, the DJ played a popular song and Tight Mike was on stage.  Tight Mike came out in his all white outfit and began thanking everyone for attending and then the jokes started.  He was funny! He was humble, charismatic and a bundle of laughs.  He acknowledged the crowd and gave a shout out to someone he knew, all the while firing jokes as they presented themselves.  His introduction was funny enough to have kept going for the entire night and no one would have been the wiser.  He was truly hysterical!  The comedians after him were good; please don’t get me wrong.  They were fairly well known comedians too.  The two singers that came on stage had great voices.  I was just most entertained whenever Tight Mike came on stage.  He made sure to keep the jokes flying for as long as he was involved.  Five seconds of him on stage and he would have me smiling or laughing.  It was refreshing to have a comedian keep my attention.

I pride myself on having a good sense of humor.  I also am light hearted enough to laugh at most anything but when you can tell that a comedian has been working at his craft and it’s paying off, I can’t help but acknowledge them.  Tight Mike happens to fall into that category.  So forgive me for not making reference to all those that graced the stage that evening.  Each of them had talent.  They even put up with a few unkind attendees that did not know how to keep quiet although each entertainer addressed their poor behavior separately.  Tight Mike even lost it at the end of the night when he was quite upset with the group of people that ruined his celebration.  He even came on stage and let everyone know that “they” ruined the taping of his anniversary special and that he was going to find them and come to their job and “show the #@^# out”.   I can’t type any of what was said on stage BUT IT WAS FUNNY…and I was quite entertained.

Tight Mike just took me back to a time in my life when laughter was plentiful and we listened to each other tell stories and jokes and laughed until it hurt.  It confirmed for me that you dont need 15-30 mins of story building to be funny.  And we are never too old to just laugh at our own silliness.  The tears I shed from laughing, the face cramp from smiling and reminder that laughter is good at any age made for an evening I will never forget.   By the time it was over I was certain that I would be attending another, if not all, Tight Mike shows even if he is just the emcee. Happy 10th Anniversary Tight Mike!  I had a blast.  You were an excellent host.  It was an excellent night.   I recommend that everyone should get out and get to know Tight Mike.

Comedian Tight Mike

Get To Know Funny Man Tight Mike

Tight Mike can be seen Every Wednesday @ 11/12 Lounge in Orlando, FL and at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center in Sanford, FL on the 1st Friday of each month.  In addition, you can tune in to his radio show on Thurs & Fridays from 2:00 – 3:00 pm on WKOB am radio.