Soca Music


Definition of Soca Music:   Soca is a style of music from Trinidad and Tobago. Soca is a musical development of traditional Trinidadian calypso, through loans from the 1960s onwards from predominantly black popular music.

Soca simply means the “soul of calypso”, but the name has nothing to do with the fusion of soul music and calypso. Soca’s history is multi-faceted. Regarding its name, Lord Shorty initially referred to his musical hybrid as “sokah”, stating in a 1979 interview with Carnival Magazine that “I came up with the name soca. I invented soca. And I never spelt it s-o-c-a. It was s-o-k-a-h to reflect the East Indian influence.”[3]

Jocelyne Guilbault. “The Politics of Labelling Popular Musics in English Caribbean” Trans 3, 1997 


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Soca Season (requires a Pandora Account)

PCD – Post Cropover Depression (Celebrity DJ Duchess)