First Alarm Fish & Chicken




The other day I found myself swamped in work.  By the time I looked up more than half my day was gone.  And it was at that point I realized that I hadn’t eaten a thing since breakfast.  Now maybe it’s just me, but it always seems more difficult to make a lunch decision on the verge of hunger.   The one thing I was definitely sure of was that a burger from a fast food joint wasn’t going to cut it.  Although I wanted something in a hurry, I also wanted something I could thoroughly enjoy.

As I searched for my keys with no particular destination in my mind, I headed out the door in search of something close and fast.  It was then I remembered seeing a place close by I had been interested in visiting.  Normally, this type of hunger wouldn’t warrant putting my stomach through the anxiety of restaurant venturing.  But I had a good feeling about this place and it was dead on.  I must admit that this fish and chicken joint was completely foreign to me although it had been quite a while since I’d been here last.  Since then it had been through a few changes.

This was evident by the “Under New Management” sign I saw posted on the building.  And as soon as I stepped in it felt like home.  I was immediately taken in by the decor.  Nothing too fancy, just comfortable.  The First Alarm Fish & Chicken restaurant is filled with nostalgia.  From the black & white photographs hanging on the wall displaying some of the Orlando’s community leaders and trailblazers, to the firehouse paraphernalia found all about the dining area.  We were pleasantly greeted by one of the owners of the establishment and given a rundown of the menu.

After placing our order we inquired about the photographs on the wall and given an enthusiastic tour of the room.  I think what I like most about First Alarm Fish & Chicken, aside from fried Whiting and that absolutely delicious Lemon Cake, is that it’s the type of place that you look for when you visit other cities.  That local spot you have to ask the bellhop at the hotel about.  Where you find good food and good people in a good environment.  First Alarm Fish & Chicken is what’s hot in Fla.

First Alarm Fish & Chicken | 1723 South Rio Grande Avenue | Orlando, FL  32805 | 407.835.9314