Free Dental Services In Orlando

FREE Dental Services In Orlando

Care of our teeth is something we take for granted, until, of course we have a problem.  By the time dental care is sought, it’s usually too late, and great care is needed.  For that, there is usually a large fee.  Well, for those who have put off the care needed, and lived with the regular pain or discomfort, help has arrived! 

free dental services

On Saturday, February 4, free dental services will be performed at The Dentist’s Studio in Winter Park!  Dr Zachary Hodgins and his team will provide free extractions, cleanings and fillings to their first 100 adult patients! 

If you’re able to attend on Saturday, the hours will be from 8am to 5pm at the Dentist’s Studio- 1350 Orange Avenue, Winter Park, FL. 

For on-going free dental services in Orlando, the Sanford-Brown Institute Dental Hygiene Clinic on Lake Ellenor Drive is always available.  In 2009, they became the first of their kind to give free services in the state of Florida.  There, patients can take advantage of free check-ups, cleanings, denture maintenance, X-rays and fluoride therapy.  The service providers are Sanford-Brown students who are studying to become dental hygienists so you’ll be in good hands.  There are Sanford-Brown schools all over the state, so if you are outside of Orlando, contact your local Sanford-Brown dental school or any other dental school in your area.  They may have followed Sanford-Brown’s lead, offering similar services.


Sanford-Brown Institute Dental Hygiene Clinic

5959 Lake Ellenor Road

Orlando, FL – 32809

(407) 278-8128


Sanford-Brown Institute

10255 Fortune Parkway

Suite 501

Jacksonville , FL 32256

(904) 363-6221


Sanford-Brown Institute

1201 W. Cypress Creek Rd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

(954) 308-7393