The Miami Dolphins must smell better!

The Dolphins may start to smell like roses!  Reggie Bush made a statement last week saying the Miami Dolphin STINK.   Reggie even defended his statement.  Several said that his statement was taken out of context.  It may not even matter now.  It almost seems like Reggie was making up for his words this past Sunday at the Meadowlands.  He ran over 100-plus yards for just the second time in his career. 

According to this online report, Bush met for lunch with his old flame, Kim Kardashian, on Saturday in New York amid that freak snowstorm.  The online report cites a “person close to Reggie Bush” for the “news” the two met at New York’s Bar Massa, a sushi hangout. This wouldn’t have been possible, the report points out, if the arrival of the Dolphins’ team flight hadn’t been moved up due to the area’s foul weather.

So like most I watched the game gladly amazed thinking Bush was redeeming himself from the ” we stink” comment but we may just have Kim Kardashian to thank for the great game.  That too doesnt matter honestly.  All that matter is that we ride this wave and not lose focus.  Whatever it takes Reggie!